Sunday, March 6, 2011


How shape borrowing can be used to improved a design.
Shape borrowing can be used to made the design better in terms of stability, grip etc. For example, a designer would like to make a water bottle that is droplet shape. But the droplet shape being unstable at the bottom, cannot stand. So, he need to borrow the shape of a cylinder shape and improve on the droplet shape water bottle, making it stable. Shape borrowing also made a design more unique from other of cause, consumer would want to buy it, right? Shape borrowing not only make a design better and unique, it also can put the design to another use,  a half pointer-half walking stick etc. Here is link to ideas generated from shape borrowing from the web:


  1. Good job on the explanation of shape borrowing. Where is SCAMPER?

  2. You are almost there! The explanation for shape borrowing is good, but you didn't include the part on SCAMPER.