Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Ideation (SCAMPER)

How SCAMPER is used to refine the function and appearance of an idea

Frist, you need to understand what is SCAMPER. SCAMPER is basically a technique used to improve on an idea. It is an acronym for:

S- Substitute: What can you replace a part of the design with.
C- Combine: Bring two ideas together, merge to other together
A- Adapt: Can it be used for other things
M- Modify: Can the item be change in some ways
P- Put to other use: What other things can it be used for
E- Eliminate: What can you remove?
R- Rearrange: Which part can you interchange with.

Now Using the following skills above, you can use any one of them to improve on its function. For example, A car frame is made of aluminum, it can replace with high velocity carbon body. It's much lighter and stronger, but expensive. Another possible example is that you can combine an torchlight with a walking stick. The change in function can also greatly affect the shape of it. For example, a bus function is to carry people around. Then it should be aerodynamics, right?  A car is also isn't it. But the main function of the bus is to carry as much as passenger as possible, not how fast it can go. Imagine being in a bus that is aerodynamic in shape, How can you stand?

Sunday, March 6, 2011


How shape borrowing can be used to improved a design.
Shape borrowing can be used to made the design better in terms of stability, grip etc. For example, a designer would like to make a water bottle that is droplet shape. But the droplet shape being unstable at the bottom, cannot stand. So, he need to borrow the shape of a cylinder shape and improve on the droplet shape water bottle, making it stable. Shape borrowing also made a design more unique from other of cause, consumer would want to buy it, right? Shape borrowing not only make a design better and unique, it also can put the design to another use,  a half pointer-half walking stick etc. Here is link to ideas generated from shape borrowing from the web: